Way of the spirit

Here at the Stronghold, one of the many ways we seek to delve into and study the Word of God, is using the wonderful resource of The Way of the Spirit.

We have both the short and longer courses running at different times during the year. Please keep an eye out for when we start a course and what it will be.

To tell you a little more of what the heart of The Way of the Spirit is, this is from their website:

“The Way of the Spirit offers an approach to studying the Bible that leads Christians to the richness of life that men and women of Bible times knew. It remains deep and full of life without ever becoming dry or over-technical, as so many academic approaches seem to. This life, which initially flowed from a Bible reading course written in the 1980s, is today expressed through many additional study materials. Those who choose to use The Way of the Spirit at any level invariably find the Bible coming alive in a new way, and frequently enjoy life-changing times. As they begin to see afresh that God’s purposes for their lives can line up with the lives they read about.”

A people passionate for the manifest presence of God, living in the revival dynamic of Jesus Christ.

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