Unlock Northwich

Unlock Northwich is a peer tutoring initiative from The Stronghold Church with a vision to see youth empowering youth to conquer obstacles and unlock more to life. This initiative is first and foremost motivated by wanting to reach young people with the gospel, so they may know the joy of a life lived with him.

Unlock’s youth cafe space will facilitate peer tutoring for young people, as well as hosting various youth events such as live music nights, testimony nights and competitions.

Through our current youth work and church work in and around Northwich, we have found that the main problems that young people are facing are mental health pressures, deprivation and a lack of access to engaging and stimulating activities. The end result of this is often young people lacking the confidence required to excel in education or training, and therefore not realising their full potential.

We believe that the young people of Northwich can, in the right environment and with positive support, unlock a fulfilling future. Unlock Northwich will work with young people aged between 13 to 19 to build confidence and life skills, through peer support, to help them overcome obstacles and make a fruitful transition to adulthood.

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A people passionate for the manifest presence of God, living in the revival dynamic of Jesus Christ.

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