Drinks and snacks are provided in each group. Please make sure you have filled in a contact form about any known allergies and that the leaders know where you are in the service in case you are needed for your little one.

Little Sparks

Nursery Age

A wonderful mix of songs, toys and stories from the Word of God. The leaders are always seeking to bring God and His abounding love to these little ones and set them on a path of seeing and experiencing God in all His wonder.


Rec and Year 1

As our precious children grow in awe and wonder of all God can do and how much He loves and treasures us, we want to bring more of God’s glory through stories, drama, puppets, songs and crafts. We want them to start to explore the heart of God for them and their lives.


Year 2 to Year 6

Here we seek to develop and build upon the awe and wonder as we teach more skills in prayer and the Word of God, preparing our children to seek God for themselves, hear Him speak to them and know that He loves them with an everlasting love and has an awesome plan for their lives.

A people passionate for the manifest presence of God, living in the revival dynamic of Jesus Christ.

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